How to build a simple, little, fold-away succah

I'm afraid "little" is the operative word here - as described the succah will seat only two or perhaps (with small chairs) three people. Still, a little succah is very much better than no succah at all and this design has served us well over the last few years so I thought I would share it. It's trivially easy to make, quickly and easily erected and does look exactly like a succah in a children's book.

The basic design consists of two pairs of hinged-together garden trellis. These can fold flat to be leant against a side of a shed or whatever for storage and then can be unfolded and stood up to make a perfectly robust succah. In fact, the only tool needed to erect the succah is a pair of scissors for cutting string.

Here is what you will need:

Lay the trellis out in two side-by-side pairs with the vertical slats uppermost. Join the members of each pair with three hinges. They should then be able to fold flat on top of each other.

To assemble the succah:

Er, that's it. Put the roof covering on and if you like thread some leafy stalks through the walls as well before decorating all with hanging fruit. The structure is pretty sturdy, but if it is going to fall over it will be backwards, from a wind which catches the front. Bearing this in mind, you may want to put it the succah somewhere where the ground slopes slightly forward, or where there is something behind it, or where it is sheltered, or you may want to tether at least the front corners to tent pegs.

Two people can sit together in it OK. We can get three people in side by side and we've eaten a meal in which the table is in front of the succah while the participants sit inside. I have some ideas for making it bigger but I would emphasise I haven't tried these. For example, you could make three corners of a square instead of two, so the "door" was the missing fourth corner. Good luck with it.

succah picture

Here is a link to a site which has instructions for building larger and more complex succoth.

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