webStore - example webSet definitions

This page links to definitions for example webSets which you can copy and paste into webStore. If you just want to try one or two, you can mark and copy them within webStore then navigate back to the main menu and select Maintain, Paste details of extra webSets and paste each in to add to your collection. However it is quite tedious to do this if you want to add several webSets.

If you want to add several of these sets, it is preferable to do one of two things. If you have a data connection then you can can navigate to this page in Internet Explorer: http://www.davecurtis.net/webStore/setDefs.html Then you can keep switching back and forth between Internet Explorer and webStore to copy each definition over.

Alternatively, if you are offline and want to copy the definitions from within webStore, I suggest copying them out to a second application and then pasting them back into webStore all at once. The easiest way to copy and paste a number of definitions is to put them into an email. Then, if you send it to yourself it is quite easy to mark and copy all of them at once from the received email. This is explained here. You can try copying them out to OneNote or Word instead but it is quite fiddly to mark text within these applications. Using email is much easier.

Here are links to example webSet definitions. You can tweak them or use them as a basis to make definitions for other sites you want to download:

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