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This downloads the abstracts for the most recent papers in the Lancet. The problem with the BMJ is that it lists many letters and comments on PubMed, which means that the mobile version of PubMed does not get the actual papers. So this definition uses the standard PubMed site instead and the maximum number of publications to list has been increased to 50. It is slow to download and there is inevitably a lot of dross at the top. ALso, many publications are listed which do not have any abstracts. However if one scrolls down it is possible to find links to proper papers lower down. If anybody finds a better way of getting Lancet papers please let me know.

To obtain the URL, Internet Explorer was used to navigate to the standard PubMed site (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed). Then, the search term "Lancet"[Journal] was entered. The resulting URL was copied and pasted into webStore. Finally, the string &dispmax=50 was added at the end of the URL.

Lancet publications
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