Genetic association between alleles of pancreatic phospholipase A2 gene and bipolar affective disorder. Dawson E, Gill M, Curtis D, Castle D, Hunt N, Murray R, Powell J Psychiatr Genet 1995 5: 177-180.

Chromosome 12q is a region of interest for the genetics of bipolar affective disorder because of reports of apparent cosegregation between this disorder and Darier's disease in a small number of families. Findings from a recent linkage study suggest that this chromosomal region may contain a susceptibility gene for bipolar affective disorder. We have found evidence of an allelic association between bipolar disorder and a marker at the pancreatic phospholipase A2 gene (PLA2A) in this region (p < or = 0.01). These results are consistent with the linkage study, and warrant additional investigations.

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