Curtis D, Brynjolfsson J, Petursson H, Holmes DS, Sherrington R, Brett P, Rifkin L, Murphy P, Moloney E, Melmer G and Gurling HMD. Segregation and linkage analysis in five manic depression pedigrees excludes the 5HT1a receptor gene (HTR1A). Annals of Human Genetics 1993 57: 27-39.

Five kindreds selected through probands attending an Icelandic hospital were recruited for linkage studies of manic depression. The rates of affection were equal for males and females and the age of onset appeared to be predominantly in early adult life, since prevalence did not rise appreciably with age. A complex segregation analysis was performed using the computer program POINTER to obtain maximum likelihood estimates of the contributions to liability from multifactorial transmission and a single major locus. Likelihood ratios between models supported a role for a single major locus which was dominant and had moderately high penetrance with, in the case of unipolar illness, additional multifactorial transmission. The best-fitting parameters were used to devise a transmission model for linkage analysis. Three markers on chromosome 5 were studied, at D5S76, D5S6 and D5S39. Strongly negative lod scores were obtained which were less than -2 over a distance of 40 centimorgans, which included the region to which the gene for the 5HT1a receptor has been mapped.

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