Software written by Bernard North

Obtainable here is our neural network program NNPERM written to accompany our paper

  • B.V. North, D. Curtis, P.G.Cassell, G.A.Hitman and P. C. Sham Assessing optimal neural network architecture for identifying disease-associated multi-marker genotypes using a permutation test, and application to calpain 10 polymorphisms associated with diabetes. Annals of Human Genetics 67: 348-356

    The new version NNPERM 1.3 is also able to analyse multiallelic markers.

    Also obtainable is our simulation program HAPSIM that produced the case-control multilocus genotype data for the paper

    Here is our spreadsheet lrtcc.xls which calculates the expected likelihood ratio test (LRT) statistic in case-control studies. It is related to our paper for the paper "Further investigation of linkage disequilibrium between SNPs and their ability to identify associated susceptibility loci", North B.V., Sham P.C. and Curtis D. Annals of Human Genetics (2003)

    Here is our package LRASSOC. This consists of two programs: 1) LRMODEL which analyses by logistic regression case-control data consisting of two biallelic markers and 2) TWOGEN which produces case-control data, in form suitable for input to LRMODEL, for two biallelic markers in possible LD with two disease loci with a user supplied disease model.

    It is related to our paper "Application of logistic regression to case-control association studies involving two causative loci", North B.V., Sham P.C. and Curtis D. Human Heredity (2005) 59: 79-87.

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