Dave Curtis - Introduction to Human Genetics

This page relates to my lecture on human genetics. The aim is to provide a general overview, with an especial emphasis on issues relevant to human disease. The material available is as follows: Please access the lecture recording on YouTube via the link above if you can. However if this is not accessible for you, you can download the MP4 by following this link and selecting Download. The file is 730 megabytes.


All material is copyright but permission is hereby granted to use it for personal study.

Technical notes

The recording was produced using zoom, which was incredibly easy and gives reasonable resolution. To do this, start a zoom meeting and then share the desktop, not the Powerpoint window. Doing this will let you use your mouse as a pointer. I recorded to my local machine, not the zoom cloud. I made a mistake in the middle so it is actually two halves stitched together. To clip and join mp4 files I used the Format Factory programs which you can get here. This is much, much quicker than standard video-editing software because it doesn't build a new video and recompress it, it just concatenates mp4 files. I recommend this as a fairly painless way to produce pre-recorded lectures.

David Curtis