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This page is for the unofficial additions to my real homepage, which you can find over here. Some of it may be of vague interest to some people, whereas there is some material whose existence can find no justification whatever.

Oh look, here's Roxy . RIP February 2nd 2008.

One thing I do a lot of is ice and inline skating. I've written loads of stuff all about it here.

I've also got interested in swing dance and go to various events around London under the auspices of the London Swing Dance Society and others. It's a lot of fun. Here are some pictures to give you the general idea. This site tells you how to do it. Swing Junction has listings of what's on around the place and details of London events are here.

In my youth I used to do a mime and magic act. Here's a clip from it on YouTube.

If you're Jewish, you may find my pages on torah and haphtorah cantillation, seder songs or how to build a succah of some use. If not, you probably won't. In any event, you may want to check this out.

Here are free phrasebooks.

Here is an alcohol diary for Pocket PC or Windows Mobile smartphones.

More ephemeral and/or opinionated stuff can be found in this blog.

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Twitter profile is here: twitter.com/davecurtis314

I am on Google + here: plus.google.com/108084202436009515477/about

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